Stillnessinyoga Doorn

Yin Yoga/Mindful Meditation Teacher Training (100hr)

Next training starts on March 3, 2016 - April 22, 2016 

Are you already a yoga teacher or someone who would like to dive deeper into Self understanding using the tools of Yin Yoga and Meditation?

We at Stillnessinyoga are offering a YIN YOGA & MEDITATION TEACHER TRAINING for teachers and YIN/YANG YOGA & MEDITATION lovers.

YIN YOGA, because of its static nature, prepares our body for longer meditation practices. We learn to surrender to the pose and accept the moment as it is offered to us. Yin Yoga is a very good balance to our yang lifestyle, it de-stresses and teaches us to relax.

"… a fine training in wonderful surroundings, rarely felt so taken care of in body, mind, and soul. Anoshe Overington is a Yin yogini with enormous knowledge and an impressive ability to bring across the practical and spiritual aspects of teaching this very special kind of yoga. You finish the training with sound knowledge and good practice in prop use, careful adjustments, and talking your students through the poses, based on a sound grounding in the yin philosophy in your mind (and heart!)." Beata Wiggen,

The training will provide skills that will be of great benefit to practitioners, and when fully integrated, you will be able to share these with your students. You will be given the tools to deepen your practice and learn how to integrate them in your usual yoga class.

The training will be in Dutch and English.


"What a privilege to unwrap this present to myself: 100 hours of diving deep into yin yoga and meditation with The most amazing teachers: Anoshe Overington and Anand Nigam Overington. An experience beyond words..." Maike Schepens






In this training you will receive:

  • YIN YOGA floor-oriented poses and sequences for different organ-pairs, following Chinese medicine principles
  • Prop use for YIN YOGA and modifications for the poses for beginners till intermediate and for injuries
  • YANG FLOW yoga sequences and CHI KUNG series for rhythmic movement in circular or spiralling movements
  • Alignment and Yoga Adjusting, through touch, for YIN YOGA and some YANG YOGA
  • Breathing exercises from Indian and Chinese Yoga to stimulate YIN or YANG to balance
  • Exercises to internalize attention and create stepping stones towards the experience of meditation: out of Indian and Tao tradition
  • Mindfulness during asana, and the meaning of Intention
  • Meditation Practices active and passive
  • The chance to discover the deeper meaning of Yoga and meditation through instruction including Atma Vidya (Self Enquiry)
  • Practicing and developing teaching skills for YIN/YANG YOGA and learning to refine verbal instruction towards inward attention
  • Introduction into energetic, subtle body anatomy, of the Chinese meridian system and our organs/emotions and its relevancy for YIN YOGA
  • Introduction into the Element Philosophy of Chinese Medicine to understand the balance of yin/yang yoga
  • Being guided into your personal practice by receiving 3 private sessions:
    • Diagnosis by an acupuncturist about your personal imbalance
    • One with meditation teacher
    • One with YIN/YANG YOGA teacher


LOCATION: The training will be held in Doorn at 'Bartemeus Historische Moestuin' in the Doorn Forest, only 45 min. from Amsterdam by public transport and a free pick up from the train station Driebergen Zeist.



Please note: the TRAINING includes a FULL 3 Day Residential Weekend Retreat in the forest at Boswijk Instittut Doorn on March 25, 26 and 27th.


MARCH 2016

Thursday, March 3rd              (9:30 - 18h)

Friday, March 4th                   (9:30 - 18h)

Friday, March 11th                 (9:30 - 18h)

Saturday, March 12th              (9:30 - 18h)

Friday, March 18th                 (9:30 - 18h)

Retreat Weekend, March 25, 26, 27th                       (9:30 - 18h)


APRIL 2016

Friday, April 15th                                   (9:30 - 18h)

Saturday, April 16th                              (9:30 - 18h)

Friday, April 22nd                                (9:30 - 18h) LAST DAY!


(Note this is a 100 hour YIN YOGA TEACHER TRAINING)

Early Bird Price until January 13th:                1.485 euro (excluding 21% btw)

Normal Price after January 13th:                   1.590 euro (excluding 21% btw)

Price includes a healthy *lunch and snacks on each day, sleeping accommodation and all meals on the residential weekend, and all tuition fees.

* An unique feature of this TT, is that Yoga and food complement each other! The ingredients of the lunches are carefully chosen in order to support, stimulate and harmonize the organ pair, which is the focus of the day. Students learn about how to use food as a tool for healing. 

Please note that course books and manuals are NOT included in the price.

The Stillnessinyoga Yin/Meditation Teacher Training manual, which is in the form of an Ibook is yours for 28 euro (6% Btw has to be added). It has many photos of poses and modifications as well as filmed sequences.

Please email or phone us if you are interested or have questions.


Telephone: +31(0) 617 02 64 53 / +31 (0) 626 47 91 18